Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you service my area?
  • Do you bring your own supplies, products, and equipment?
  • Can you use my supplies, products, or equipment?
  • Why do you take photos of my home?
  • Should I get a deep clean before signing up for return cleaning services?
  • Are you a pet friendly cleaning company?

We are working out of Muskegon, MI and we travel up to 20-mile radius, anything further would require a travel fee

Yes! We provide all cleaning Supplies and Equipment to our staff to ensure our clients receive consistent, quality cleanings each and every time. We keep your home safe by using high-quality, Eco friendly, nontoxic professional cleaning products. We clean our vacuums and filters regularly for cleanliness. If you would prefer us to use your products, and equipment we can do so, just let us know!

Yes! If you would prefer us to use your products and equipment in your home, we understand and are happy to accommodate your preference! Please Inform us of this when booking!

we take before and after pictures for all services rendered for insurance purposes, these pictures will be saved in your file for future reference. We may use these pictures on social media accounts and websites, and for promotional reasons. Please inform us if you do not want pictures of your home used for promotional purposes.

It is recommended to book a first time deep clean when signing up for reoccurring cleaning services, this ensures the highest level of quality and satisfaction. We provide deep cleaning services that will get into those difficult areas where it is tough-to find dust and dirt. Our deep cleans include cleaning all the corners, cobwebs, windowsills, ledges, baseboards, and more. We clean the difficult areas that have been overlooked for a long time. Deep Cleaning your space significantly increases air quality in your home, and leads to breathing healthier, cleaner air. We have a team of cleaners equipped with right techniques and tools to do the job right the first time.

Yes! we just ask that you keep them contained to an area of the home, or cage so that they are not disruptive to our cleanings. However, our staff cannot clean bodily fluids, pet accidents, or any other substance or item which may pose a health or safety hazard.